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Reach More With Video Teaser – Editing Software

By TanitaCree | August 9, 2021

The time has come! You’ve captured all this wonderful footage. Whether it’s with one camera,…

Portrait Painting Techniques with Sheila Tan

By Frankie Sharman | August 6, 2021

Sheila Tan is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. She has created countless portraits of all…

Expressive Painting Techniques with Carmen Jackson

By Frankie Sharman | July 30, 2021

Carmen Jackson is an Australian artist who draws inspiration from the humour and the beauty…

Testimonial: Janet Knight

By Frankie Sharman | July 29, 2021

We encourage you to hear what Janet had to say about her experience of being…

virtual CIYL

Virtual Colour in Your Life- COVID Friendly!

By Natascha Wernick | July 27, 2021

Don’t let COVID 19 stop your chance of reaching millions with your art! Virtual Colour in…

Discover Colour In Your Life: Learn about having a documentary filmed by Colour In Your Life – Public Zoom call August 4, 2021

By Frankie Sharman | July 26, 2021

Join us on our monthly Discovery Call for the chance to win a 30-minute personal…

Reach More With Video Teaser – Music

By TanitaCree | July 26, 2021

Lights, camera, action! You’ve filmed your work, you’ve cut the footage into something you’re happy…

Abstract Painting Techniques with Graham Eldridge

By Frankie Sharman | July 23, 2021

Graham is a Sydney based artist with over 10 years of experience.  Graham paints almost exclusively…

Alan James Call out

Connecticut, Mass, RI, NY Visual Artist Call out!

By Natascha Wernick | July 22, 2021

Have your art in front of an audience of millions! Alan James our CIYL host…

So long old friend! The Harley hits the road!

By Natascha Wernick | July 21, 2021

It was a sad day for Graeme today as he bid farewell to his iconic…

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