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Photograph taken of Greenmount Beach, near Coolangatta, on the Gold Coast. 

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Dark offset

Just off snapper rocks, and the view of Surfers Paradise up the coast. The sun hits the water like a golden path leading you to the sin of Surfers…

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Legal Protection

After being in my business as an Artist for over thirty years and yes if you if you are selling your work in the process of trying to make a living out of your Art, you are in a business weather you like it or not .

It is something that is always relatively uncomfortable for a lot of right brained creative people to get their heads around. I have had to force myself over the decades, mostly through people doing the wrong thing by me, to learn about the legal side of the Arts.

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Colour In Your Life and 4Me

Andrew Guiver 4me and Graeme 297 x 226

Graeme working with CEO of 4Me Andrew Guiver to get Colour In Your Life on national television. Don’t forget, the show goes to air on Sunday the 18th of March at 7:00pm, channel 74 (4Me). Tune in for some colour in your life. ^_^
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Our Live Website and Updates

The new Colour In Your Life website has officially gone live! We’ve been under construction for a few months now, and we’re quite pleased with the results. The official website launched on Friday the 24th of February. In the past few days we’ve seen over 30 new members come into the site, with some great works being uploaded into our gallery. Anyone can upload into our gallery, however it should be noted that this is different from our Shop. The gallery is for all artwork, available or sold, while the Shop requires artists to submit their work to Colour In Your Life so we can organise a shop page, payment details etc.

If you haven’t had a look at our Facebook page, come on and Like us. We want to get as many people possible putting Colour in their life. Put Some Colour In Your Life facebook.

We also have a Twitter account up and running. If you’d like to follow us on Twitter, our account is @arttocolourlife.

We’ll be hearing more from Corban Sumin soon, so stay tuned, and Graeme will be updating our Blog shortly with some more useful information for Artists. 

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