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The Story of Graeme Stevenson OAM: Eulogy

As many of you from around the world were not able to attend Graeme’s memorial, we thought we’d share with you the beautiful Eulogy that was read. The condensed and otherwise summarized recount of Graeme’s Story – 1958-2022 As told by sister, loved one and eye witness, Lisa Stevenson On behalf of the Stevenson family,…

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Vale Graeme Stevenson OAM – 29/6/1958 – 5/6/2022

Graeme Stevenson was an indomitable personality, born with a passion and devotion to the arts that was unparalleled. Graeme’s thirst for knowledge and adventure drove his many and varied interests all his life, all of which stemmed from an innate curiosity about the world. He held a firm belief that “art is supposed to be…

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Far North Queensland July /August 2022

Are you ready to make art your full time gig? Then you need a professional video telling your story. We are Colour in your Life, and we have been making professional 24 minute art documentaries for over 10 years. Why do we make them 24 minutes long? Because we make them to fit into a…

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Reach More with Video: A Digital Guide


Keen to amp up your art practice? Sell more art? Start living the life of your dreams? Reach More with Video Digi Guide will show you how to take your business to the next level using video. Enrol today, with no obligation, and view the free previews including the Art Marketing Basics module below. Receive…

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Colour in Your Life now in German on YouTube

We are very excited to share that Colour in Your Life is now for German audiences. Our keen partner Pat Harrison, who has his own platform called AERA specialising in showing realist artists, has set up a German YouTube channel Bring Farbe in Dein Leben. (Translated to put some Colour in Your Life ) On…

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Join the Mcann’s workshops this May

Barry Mcann Fundamentals Art Classes

Colour in Your Life Artists, contributors and friends- Barry And Lucy McCann Fine Art are now offering Personal AND Group Online Art Classes. ART CLASS 1“The Fundamentals in Watercolour Painting”Lucy has designed this class to help you to start painting. Let’s start at the beginning…learning about the types of brushes, paper, and paint. Continuing with design,…

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OMG! More CIYL Shows can go to the MOON!

NEWS UPDATE!Graeme Stevenson has been negotiating with Samuel Peralta to secure some further spots for our Colour in Your Life artists to go to the Moon in the Lunar Codex. We thought it was too late. We thought they had “closed the doors”. Sealed the ship. Glued the Moon Box lid. However, we managed to…

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Colour in Your Life Reaches a Chinese Audience

CIYL have today signed a contract to enable in the distribution of the Colour in Your life TV show through to video platforms in China. As you may or may not know Chinese citizens do not have access to YouTube or many of the social media channels that many of us take for granted. Today…

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