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Art Marketing Tip: Your Guide to selling art in the Colour in Your Life store


Our aim is to enable you to grow and develop your art practice by selling your work to buyers all over the world.

These are important tips that will help you sell more in your online store. The more time you spend creating a great online profile the more success you will have in selling your work on line.

Writing your bio

Make sure your bio is interesting.

Your bio is the first impression that buyers have of you. Make it extensive and interesting. Tell them where you live. Why you create. What and who inspired you. How you began. What materials you use and why. Create a picture of yourself. Share as much as you can. Buyers are more likely to buy if they have some sort of connection with the artist. This is developed through you sharing about your work and yourself. The more you share the more likely they will find a connection.

When writing your bio – use your full name to describe yourself  and don’t use I. The full name is better for google search and  no one searches for artists called I

 Try to answer these 10 questions.

  1. I live in ….. because………
  2. I began painting/drawing when I was…
  3. I was first inspired/taught by….
  4. I first exhibited in …… when I was……
  5. I am inspired by these artists….
  6. I like to use these materials….. because…..
  7. I create because……..
  8. I have won these awards/prizes…..
  9. I have exhibited in these places…….
  10. I wish to share my work with the world because…….

Ensure it is written clearly with no grammatical errors. Get someone to double check your spelling and grammar.

Uploading your profile photo

Make sure youprofile picture is good

Upload a great photo of yourself.  Make sure it is clear and professional.

Having a good profile picture shows buyers that you are serious about your art career. It is another tick towards making a sale. Investing in a series of great photos of yourself for your online profiles is a sound investment. Perhaps you have a friend who will do it in exchange for your art work? Many great profile shots are taken in the studio with the artist’s art work in the background.

Photos of your artwork

Take fabulous photos of your art work

This is where many of artists go wrong. They take terrible photographs and think that it will be okay, that the beauty of the artwork with shine through. Wrong. The photos of your art work are the most important part of the process. Make sure you get it right. Invest in a photographer to take them or set up a system for yourself.

There are a few lighting methods that experts recommend when taking photos. Take the art work outside to photograph in the mid-morning. Use the natural light as your light source and make sure there are no shadows.  Others suggest photographing your work in a studio with diffused natural light. Still others recommend using multiple sources of artificial light in a studio. Do not use your flash.

Use a tripod if possible and a timer to ensure that there is no shaking or distortion.

Hang your art work on a neutral untextured wall and lean it flat.

If you have the opportunity, hang it “in situ” in an appropriate position, to show the buyer how it could look in their home. You can take a photo of the space where you want to see the art and the app auto-scales the work for you or have a series of stock photo background to use.   Here is a great article sharing many different  art preview view apps.

Here is an example of a good photo.

Take as many photos a possible.

  • One with the frame
  • one without
  • one of the back
  • one in situ
  • a close up of the detail and textures
  • perhaps include some of the process of you making it.




Prepare the photo for uploading

Use your computer photo editing software program to finish off the job and prepare it for uploading to the web.   Adobe Photoshop is recommended but there are many of online free programs that you can access.

Use this program to adjust the colours to real life (if necessary) and crop the image right to edge so that only the painting is in the picture.  Save your images as a jpeg. Select the “save as” option to find this file extension.

Open your photo editing software to find and  the resolution the properties of the image. We recommend a high-resolution image of at least 300 DPI and approximately 2500 pixels wide. Resize the photo if necessary. Save your photo again and then you upload it to CIYL.

Make sure you save all your images on a back up drive. Do not rely on CIYL for hosting your images. If something happens to the site and you don’t have back ups you will lose all your images.

Describing your art work

Write a great artwork description

This is a the third most important part. It is another opportunity for buyers to find out more about the art work and to find a personal connection with it.

Lack of information is one of the key reasons that you lose a buyer. Make your story interesting and informative. What inspired you. What were you trying to convey? Was there a message behind it? Why did you paint it? How can it be hung?

Make sure you include important points in the description, e.g. the kind and colour of the frame, the materials used, including what it is painted on. Is it ready to hang?

Include the details

Height, width and depth in centimetres eg 143.2 x 145 x 2.5cm . Also include the weight of your artwork. This will save time later when approximating the shipping costs.

Key words, tags and categories

Don’t use too many conflicting keywords as google gets confused as to what you are promoting. Use keywords in the same fields. Choose words that people would use to find your artwork. For example.

Colour in your Life guide to selling your art on line

Pricing your work

Many artists find this difficult.


  • the cost of material
  • the time you took to create it
  • the quality of the work
  • the condition or age of the work
  • the price of other similar pieces in the market place
  • how successful you have been with selling that at price
  • the cost of the packaging
  • average cost of shipping

If you find it is not selling after a few months you may like to reconsider the price.

We offer free shipping to our customers so you need to add this to the cost of your art work. Graeme recommends add $50  when sending locally and add $200 when sending  internationally.

Self Promotion

Once you have it up on our site, you need to direct traffic to it. Email your collectors, share your page on your social media.

When sharing on social media tag your work #ColourInYourLifeArtist or #ColourInYourLifeArt, so we receive a notification and in turn, can acknowledge your post. The @tag works as well on Facebook.  @putsomecolourinyourlife not only brings your work to our users view and it also helps spread CIYL to all your friends.

It’s up to you to be posting your works to as many social platforms as you  can or focussing strongly on just one platform.

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