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Art Marketing Tip: Unleash the Power of Storytelling- 6 Audience Boosting Tips

unleash the power of story telling

A very important part of selling your art is selling your story and video is a great way to tell your story.  Video is clear, succinct, creative easy to digest and relatable.

Clients will be more likely to buy your art because they connect with you via “your story”.

6 Audience Boosting Tips

  1. Tell an inspiring story – Tell a great story and you will create interest and intrigue. Be brave enough to tell them how you feel.
  2. Connect to your audience– Create a story that your audience can connect with.
  3. Make it simple and easy to digest– video is the perfect format for this.
  4. Make it repeatable and extendable in all forms of media – The value of information in a story declines with usage and familiarity. A story must be continuously infused with new content and be able to be transferred to your website,  your social media and print collateral as a starting point.
  5. Include some drama– A good story has a beginning, a middle and an end and has some dramatic moments.
  6. Convey useful information– A good story is informative. It enables the audience to learn something new.

What is an artist’s story

 Your story is basically a digestible description of your life.

It should be based on the truth. It is the way you tell it that will be a part of helping people connect with you. You need to be able to tell the story over and over. Fall back on parts of it for press releases, online profiles, and gallery articles. You may like to emphasize different aspects depending on what is trending, for different audiences or for different situations.

 Ways of sharing our story

  1. bullet points – the most succinct, but a boring way. Perhaps a good way to start.
  2. a narrative- get creative and write an engaging story
  3. a video- create a video of you speaking and sharing your story, perhaps someone interviewing you, asking you set questions, or create an animation…
  4. a storyboard- draw paint or create a visual representation of your story…just make sure that anyone can relate or understand it.
Spend time creating your story and ensuring it is accessible.  You want to make points of commonality with the audience or points of reference. Leave the audiences feeling “ I  now better understand  him/her”  or,” I feel the same way”, or “that’s why I live there or paint”, or “I remember doing something like that….”

Your Story should include

  • Where you were born and where you call home now.
  • When you first began creating and why- Share an incident. Describe a person who first influenced you.
  • How you grew your skill base- did you go to college or Uni? Did you learn from workshops or YouTube?
  • Who were your major influencers and why?
  • And in the current reality, why do you create? What is your motivation? Who do you create for?
  • You may like to describe where you live and why you chose to live there
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