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Art marketing tip : Leave a legacy for your grandchildren and their children!

Leave it as a legacy (1) Colour in Your Life Art Marketing tip
Hello again,

It’s me, Natascha from Colour in Your Life. I wanted to connect again with you.

Graeme has just returned from filming in New Zealand and is currently in India talking with media partners and galleries with regards to taking Colour in Your Life to that 1.3 billion people!!  Then, we are on our way to film in the US  April / May.

We have film crews permanently set up in the UK and the US and film studios in California and the Gold Coast Australia.

We had a very exciting call with an art society/ magazine from the US today.

This society representative interviewed Graeme for their magazine and also offered Graeme a full page ad in their magazine. They were very thrilled to be working with us.

Leave a legacy

One of the things the society representative mentioned was that –

many of the artists in their art society are older and would like a show about them more for legacy reasons than international exposure.  Something their grandchildren’s children could see. Something that could possibly even sell their work posthumously. 

She also said she was amazed at how cheap it was to create a Colour in Your LIfe show and would encourage all her society members to do it. She is also talking about finding funding to sponsor many of her society’s artists to do the show, simply for the purpose of leaving a legacy.

Something you may not know

One of the motivations for Graeme to begin filming was that two of his artist friends died and had left no trace of their studios or how they actually produced her work.  Two of our CIYL artists have passed and having the show has helped sell their work posthumously.

I thought I would mention this as perhaps it is the case for you.

Perhaps you do not need a show about you for your promotion, but you need it as a record of their techniques- a legacy.

We are very excited to be working with this US art society and I hope it inspires you to contact us.

We are very keen to record and share as many artists to the world as we can.

Our Vision

We have the vision of creating an archive of the minds of artists.  

to preserve a digital record of creative spirit, culture and techniques for future generations.

We’d love to chat with you personally.

Send us your phone number and we can give you a call.

Thank you for your time,


Natascha Wernick

Business Manager
Uki, Australia

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