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Art Marketing tip: How to use Zoom for your CIYL video conference calls

We are so excited you have chosen to join us in our next conversation on Zoom.

Below are a few tips to get you ready


You will be sent an invitation to a scheduled zoom room and a time.

Click on the link to register.

Download and install zoom.  Look at this video for instructions if necessary.

Zoom Etiquette

Be punctual or early.

Dress to impress.

It’s easy to give in to the temptation to wear sweatpants and an old t-shirt because you’re working from home.  However, perhaps your colleagues and customers expect you to have a professional appearance.  Dress for your video conference the way you would for an in-person meeting.

Control video and audio quality.

Invest in a quality webcam and speaker and microphone headset.  These provide better video and audio than your computer’s built-in system.   I plan to do this too, but, at the moment I am just going to use my Macbook Air camera. J

Try to hold meetings in quiet, indoor locations to control ambient noise.

If you are using your phone then try a “selfie stick, or a tripod, or simply rest it somewhere so that you are not holding it. Avoid the shake.

Adjust your lighting.

Don’t sit directly in front or beside a bright light source, or else all the audience sees is a bright light and a shadowy figure. Experiment with moving lamps and your camera until you can see your brightly-lit face on the screen.

Think about your background.

Try to provide a nice, plain background. If your treadmill is in your office and you use it more as a place to hang laundry, that’s not really the best visual for your audience. You can’t control everything in a mobile environment, but you should give some thought to background prior to your meeting.

Practice speaking to the camera and not the screen.

Our tendency is to look at the person on the screen, but you should look at the camera when you speak so the audience feels like you’re talking directly to them.

Mute your microphone when necessary.

Zoom has a “Mute Microphone” option that cuts down on ambient feedback for the audience.   Get comfortable with turning your mute on and off. And only turn it on when it is your turn to speak.

The host will probably mute everyone until they raise their hand to speak.

Use Zoom’s chat function.

You can send a question or statement to everyone or privately to a participant. Please use this function when there are a lot of people in the meeting, as the host will read it and will refer to it.

Think about your actions on camera.

Always remember that everyone can see you. Someone is watching as you take a big, wide-mouth yawn, stretch, or wander around the room. These exaggerated movements are distracting to the audience and can be disruptive to the speaker. Try to stay still and be attentive – or at least act attentive!

Turn your camera off, if you need to. You can still see what is going on, but we can’t see you.

Wait your turn

The session does not work when two people are speaking at once. If you have something to say please raise your hand or and wait for the host to ask you to speak.

If you drop out

Sometimes the internet can be unstable.  If you drop out simply jump back on again.

 Enjoy yourself

Any questions please contact me

Or call me  +61  412 980 063

I look forward to chatting with you on Zoom soon. :)

Natascha Wernick

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