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Art Marketing Tip: How to use your CIYL documentary  to increase sales

jump start your sales with Colour in Your Life

A video documentary about you can literally increase your sales and workshop enrolments

There are many reasons why artists choose to have documentary made about them and their art.

Some want to have it as a legacyso the next generation can see their techniques.
Some want a professional video made so they can send it to galleries.
Some want it for trade shows, festivals or exhibition openings.
Some want to drive people to their website to increase their online sales.
Some want to increase their art workshop participation.

Most artists want to increase the sales of their art work.

Fiona Valentine testimonial

Watch Fiona Valentine’s testimonial

 How can they do that?


1. Set a goal

Once you decide to have the show filmed,  you set a goal. A solid reason for doing the show. It can be any of the reasons listed above or your own reasons. It may be that you want to increase the sales of your art and products in your online shop. It needs to be measurable so that you can see if  you have achieve your goal.

For example: Fiona Valentine wanted to increase her workshop attendances.

2.  Ensure your website is ready.

If you want to increase sales then make sure your online shop is ready and easy to use. Or, if you don’t want to have your own online store, then use the Colour in Your Life online store.

3. Build your social media following 

Social media is for engaging your fans in your work and process. Letting them know more about you and your story. Share your art work, works in process, sales made and successes. Share your hopes and dreams.

4. Ensure you have sellable work or products

Think about what your customers will want buy. Provide them with a variety of sizes of artwork and range of prices. Include some  cheaper products in your shop like prints of your work, unframed work, or even your favourite pieces printed onto items like scarves, cushions covered or mugs.

5. Think about your message

Consider what message you want to get across. If you want to want to increase sales of art work then have artwork on display during your film shoot. If you have products like scarves and mugs, discuss this during the filming. You may like to prepare some sort of script. Tell the film team what you want your message to be.

Remember this show is going to be seen FOREVER as a video online and through our distribution to TV stations. Make sure you are not focussing your message on items or services that cannot be reproduced.

6. Tell as many people as you can that you are going be filmed. 

Send a message through email, social media, press release and, simply, word of mouth to all your past and prospective customers, galleries you are in or wish to be in, family, friends and fans. Tell them you are to be filmed on Colour In Your Life. Tell them about your online store and share your website  with them. You may even make sales before the show goes to air.

You may even like to organise  a viewing gathering and studio exhibition.


7. Share  Share and Share again 

Now the filming is done,  it is going be all about building a following for the show. Colour in Your Life have it’s own following that will watch the show from around the world  but you need to: share it in your social media, put it on your website, in your email signature on all your business cards or pamphlets

8. Respond to everyone 

Once the show goes to air there will be many people who want to comment on your show, art and products. Make sure you respond to all of them. Find your show on our social media and streaming platforms.  Comment kindly and informatively and  send them your website.

Many artists have reported increased sales after doing the Colour in Your Life documentary.

Let’s make you the next one!


Read more about  being on the show here

and apply today.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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