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Art Marketing tip- Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Why does email marketing work?  

Regular e-newsletters or “e-blasts” are a well-recognized method of developing relationships and generating business from your database. Provided your newsletter gives something of interest to your reader, you stand to make a lasting impression and immediate or future sales. A good newsletter will generate almost immediate inquiries. They work because they keep your name top of mind with your potential customers.

Determine your target market

Before anything else, you must identify your market. Know their expectations, requirements, needs, and wants so that you would have an idea how to go about with your sales pitch. This would also help you in determining your costs and ascertaining your expected benefits. It is also important that you study the market environment and your competitors’ marketing strategies, and give due notice to all possible opportunities.

 Gathering email addresses

You need to gather a database of email addresses. You can do this in many ways.

  • Firstly, add all your family and friends who want to support you in your career.
  • Then, add any businesses, you know, that would wish to support you in your endeavor
  • Add emails of those who have previously bought from you or come to your classes.
  • At your next gathering do a business card draw and  promise a gift to whose business card you draw
  •  Ask people to sign up through your website
  •  Add an email sign up popup to your website
  • Offer free things in exchange for their email address- tutorials, checklists, ebooks, gifts.
  • And if you can’t find their email address then track them down.  You would be surprised how many people include their emails on their LinkedIn, their Twitter, and their personal websites

It is important to remember that these are PEOPLE, not just email addresses and that you need to treat them respectfully as you would normally.

Creating good newsletters

Set an objective for the newsletter so they have a reason for opening.

Use one of the many templates the email service provider suggests. They are easy to update and make the email far more attractive and readable.  

 Make sure there is something in it for the reader

  • Useful information
  • A prize
  • An opportunity
  • Links to your latest products
  • Videos
  • Competitions
  • Memes
  • Latest news

How do I send?

You cannot send bulk emails through gmail or your regular email provider. You need to use an email marketing service.

These generally charge as to how many on your database and how many emails you send a month. Many email service providers have a free limit of around 1000 emails on your database.

Below are three of our top recommendations for email marketing service providers for you.



Constant Contact

Don’t Spam!  Get the recipient’s permission.

Wikipedia describes spamming as the use of messaging systems to send an unsolicited message (spam).

You need to ensure you have the permission of the person you are emailing especially, advertising, as well as sending messages repeatedly from the same email address and website.  

Check your country’s policy on spamming as many have strict guidelines.

Be creative!

Newsletters can be fun colorful and creative. I have been writing newsletters for nearly 15 years and it is always fun to create new content images and to see how the reader responds.

Enjoy! And If you have any questions or want extra support you can always contact us for some personal coaching. We are on your side and offer discounts to CIYL featured artists and premium members.

Read more about our art business coaching services here.

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