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Art marketing tip: Art Marketing that is worth its weight in Gold!!!

Marketing tip as WE grow larger millions of people will see YOUR videos FB

From Graeme’s desk

Imagine being able to upload your own art teaching videos free of charge into one of the largest and fastest social Art networking platforms for free.

Yes, you heard right. Colour In Your Life has been working with a number of its artists, to enable them to produce their own teaching videos and then load them into the central social networking database that CIYL has created over the last nine years.
This is a huge win for all of the people involved and enables artists to have access to the enormous numbers of art lover, investors, galleries and trade shows that sign onto CIYL every single minute of the day, and yes, when I say every minute, that’s exactly what is happening with CIYL’s networking platforms. It’s mind boggling to think how many people we will eventually access in the coming years.

Our channels literally have 10’s of millions of people watching these videos in a number of countries and hundreds of thousands of subscribers watching the videos and interacting and contacting the artists for workshops, sales and commissions in countries all over the world.
I think a great example of this are the videos that Barry and Lucy McCann Fine Art have created for CIYL. Barry McCann and Lucy have been amazed again at the response they have received from their own videos, as are all of the artists that have been doing this.

As a featured CIYL artist you can upload your videos into our YT channel.

YES, as one of the CIYL artists you can upload and have access to this database. You simply couldn’t buy advertising like this, and it can be seen by people across the world 24 hours a day seven days a week for, well until the internet stops going at least.

Think about that for advertising!

The proof is the pudding, or in this case the stats.

My team and I have worked our behinds off for the last 9 years to build and make CIYL one of the leading platforms for artists in the world.

Colour in Your Life Youtube stats

We have studied and probed every nook and cranny that we could to get the best results from all of the networks and social netw


orking platforms we work with. Our numbers have begun to be self perpetuating and are rising rapidly every day. I would think that in the next two years or so we could very well approach millions of  YT subscribers and fans!!


I don’t think there is any magazine on the planet that can give artists access to numbers like ours. Just in 24 hours we had 325 new subscribers sign on to our You Tube channel and those figures are just accelerating every where we are exposing the shows. Every artist that we have filmed is glad and excited about what is happening for them. Numbers and enquires that they say they have never experienced in decades of being Artists. 

Colour in Your Life are now seeking artists to feature and join our community.

Follow the apply to be a featured artist link and do some reading and then contact me with your online profile and we can go from there.  Make sure you send you phone number so we can give you a call…

I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Graeme Stevenson

Graeme Stevenson OAM
Host and CEO
Murwillumbah,  NSW Australia

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P.S. Remember most of our artists don’t spend their own money. They partner with an art supply shop or company,  councils, businesses or tourism associations.  Read more here.  We can help you liaise with the potential new sponsors that you identify.  

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