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An art marketing tool that will change your life! *Your story in video format*

Has COVID really disrupted your art business? Do you feel a little behind the eight ball when it comes to promoting your art? It is time to take some action. To invest in your business. To invest in a marketing tool that will change your life!

I wanted to tell you how AWESOME a job you did on my episode!!! I don’t think I adequately conveyed how impressed I am with your work. You ROCK!! I really appreciate what you did. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

I am now so overwhelmed with responses, I haven’t done a thing on the book or even gone grocery shopping since it came out… yikes! I need to clone myself… cheers!

R. Geoffrey Blackburn – Season 18 | Ep 13
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The team at Colour in Your Life TV Show are professionals at making 24-minute art documentaries about artists in their studios. We work with artists from all over the world. We learn about them. We learn about their story and then we work with them to create a video product that shares the story.

This video product is one of a kind. It has so many uses.

You can use it so many ways including :

  1. Embed it into your website bringing it closer to the top on search engine ( SEO bots love video)
  2. Put it up on your socials
  3. Add it to your YouTube Channel
  4. Put a link in your email signature
  5. Play it at your exhibition
  6. Play it at your market stall
  7. Send it with your art competition or other application
  8. send it to your family and friends
  9. send it to your buyers or potential buyers
  10. Keep reusing the video by posting about it on the socials

We also do loads of marketing for you.

We do loads too including:

  1. load your show to our YouTube Channel with over 100 thousand subscribers
  2. share your show and the lead up on our socials
  3. give access to your show to TV Networks in over 50 countries
  4. share your show on Vimeo
  5. make your show available for other TV networks to access reaching into new markets of Asia and Europe
  6. make your show accessible by Smart TV Apps- Daily MOtion, Opera TV, Roku, Amazon fire and more
  7. give you a page or two on our website
  8. we continue to share your work on our socails
  9. allow you to load your own Art tutorial to our YT Channel
  10. give you access to other marketing opportunties such as the Where are they now vodcast.

And, we will not stop promoting you as much as we can!!

Don’t spend any more time deliberating. Take action.

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