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Am I ready to filmed by Colour in Your Life?

Am I ready to be filmed by Colour in Your life?

This is a great question.  There are several things to consider when making a decision to have a 24 minute story-based art documentary made about you and your art and distributed to millions on TV stations around the world and online.

1.What is your purpose? What is the goal of investing in your art business?

 If your purpose is to have a documentary about you to leave as a legacy, to show your grandchildren or to be in our archive of the minds of artists then you may be ready now.

If your purpose is to make sales and grow your art business then there are several things you need to consider.

2. Are you a great artist?

Colour in Your life artists are generally of a high calibre. Many have been painting for more than 20 years and have exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions. They have won awards and sold many paintings. They are practicing committed artists who may already have a strong reputation. They have developed their art practice to a level where they no longer feel or look like an amateur.

3. Have you developed techniques to share?

Colour in Your Life artists have specialized techniques they are happy to share. They are already good teachers and have developed these techniques over many years.

4. Are you committed to marketing your art?

The most successful are those artists who have already committed to the marketing side of their art business. They have a great website with a shop and already have a following on Instagram and Facebook with an email database that they can use to share the show.

5. Do you know what to promote on the show?

You will also want to consider what you want to promote in the show. Do you want to promote your workshops, your painting tours, your commissions, your pet portraits, your products or your art work in general?

6. Is your website ready?

You will want to ensure that your website is ready to go and accept buyers from all over the world at any time.   We can’t tell you when your show will be aired on TV stations in over 50 countries. It could be this year or it could be in 3 years time. You need to ensure that the website you promote in the show is ready to support you in making sales and achieving your goals.

7. Are your socials active?

We recommend that you have your Instagram and Facebook pages ready and active. This means that you have been building a community around you and your art and, that you are posting and sharing regularly. When it comes time to get ready for the filming, these followers will help boost your confidence. Once the show goes to air your followers will be the first to be watching and sharing your show. It is very evident with the show’s YouTube viewership numbers which artists have their social activated and those who don’t.

8. Do you have an email list?

An email list can be the subscribers to your newsletter, your collectors and past clients or, those who have given you their email as they are interested in your art. These people will be the ones you share pre and post-filming stories. They may even be willing to sponsor your show! We have had stories of artists who have shared with their email list that they want to appear on CIYL, and then sold enough art pieces to fund the show, before it was even filmed.

9. Do you have body of work ?

In preparation for the filming, we will be requesting that you submit at least 30 images of your artwork. These images need to be well photographed with no shine, shadow or borders. They also need to be in high resolution and at least 2mb per image.

10. Have you art to sell?

You may also want to ensure that you have artwork ready to sell or workshops ready to fill. It will be a missed opportunity if you begin to get keen buyers and there is nothing to buy, or get keen workshop participants and you have not got a workshop ready for them to join.

Ready? Apply now!

If you think you are ready then read more here:

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Not quite ready? We can coach you.

If you are not quite ready then perhaps we can help with some coaching: Read more here:


John Hulsey meets Graeme Stevenson on Colour In Your Life

‘Wow! Fabulous job with my show. Best production/interview I have ever had! Five stars. You guys are real pros and I can’t say enough good things about Sophia Stacey. Take it from me – of all the professional video interviews I have had the good fortune to be a part of, this is the top, hands down. Well worth the small investment for an outstanding result like this. Love from Ann, also. You are welcome back here anytime!’ 

John Hulsey-  Season 18 Episode 12

Watch John’s show

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