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Aboriginal Art – Kimba the crying orphan

Acrylic on Canvas. Framed ($6,800)


Kimba was only young when his parents both died, and for many years now he lived with his maternal grandmother. He was a happy child who always showed how grateful he was for his grandmother’s kindness. Kimba knew how much his grandmother loved wild honey and lily nuts, so he went out to collect her some as a surprise, but sadly on this day his grandmothers, spirit ceased to fire and on his return Kimba would no longer be the happy child that he was known for.
Kimba returned to the campsite and once he understood that he would no longer be held by his loving grandmother again, he became deadened inside and began to wail. He wailed for so long over his loss and loneliness. Others in the camp tried to comfort him for they feared that he would awaken ‘Goonnear’ the large snake who slept nearby. Kimba did not listen to his Elders or others in the clan, instead he just kept on wailing and soon ‘Goonnear’ uncoiled himself and slithered into the camp and began to devour Kimba and others in his path.
When the hunters returned to the camp it was empty except for the one large snake trying to slither away. ‘Goonnears’ belly showed so much fullness that the hunters now knew where the people had all gone, so they raised their spears high and tried to empty ‘Goonnears’ belly.
Wounded and sore “Goonnear’ still sleeps and awaits the next time young ones fail to listen to their elders.

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