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Art Marketing tip: BE TRUE TO YOUR ART

be true to your art Colour in Your lIfe


From Graeme’s desk.

I often wondered how much someone’s life affects the result of the work they end up creating.
I would think in my own personal experience that it does and probably just about every other artist over time.
You would only have to look at cave paintings from 25,000 years ago to see what was on the minds of those folks standing in the dark with a flicker of burning light illuminating the cold rock walls.
I have had a pretty adventurous life and even as a child I loved spending time by myself studying the animals and birds around my home, and then when I became a full-time artist travelling the globe filming, photographing and painting the beautiful creatures of the world.

I studied Taxidermy as a boy, used to ride my Gold Malvern Star bike 25 kilometres every weekend when I was 11 out to the CSIRO in Canberra, where I had the opportunity to get to know a gentleman called Hans Dimple, German chap.  Hans was the resident Taxidermist there for the preservation of Australia’s unique fauna. I spent well over a year with him learning how to mount and preserve animals. Yep 25 K every weekend! Everyone thought I was weird always asking my dad to pull over when I saw a road kill, or getting off the school bus to walk back and check to see if a bird or animal was not to far gone for me to be able to do something with it.

The Wedge-tailed eagle I took to school is another story of course, and yes she was alive. LOL!!

All of our lives emotions and stories go into who we are and what we end up creating in the end. Some people create portraits, some landscapes and still lifes and then there are those that express themselves with paint in the process of designing their intimate inner thoughts. That’s when the painting really does have control of you and not the other way around.

It would be great over time to have people send us articles on their own motivations so we can peer into the minds of those folks as well.

I know that my life’s journey has influenced what I paint and how I go about it.

Filming hundreds of artists all over the world has had a huge effect on what I do these days, so many techniques I’ve been exposed to that I don’t think too many other people around the world would ever have experienced.
In the end, you must be true to yourself; of course, we will all be influenced by some type of medium and a style or person that changes our lives.
Most of all be true to your Art and your life and make sure that your precious journey becomes part of your artistic vision, that way you will always be painting what your life’s meant for you to do,

Graeme Stevenson

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