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50 Things Artists Can Do While Self-Isolated- Artsy Shark

by Carolyn Edlund from Artsy Shark

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a cascade of event cancellations and the loss of opportunities for many artists. Authorities are recommending self-isolation to stem the spread of the virus. What do we do now?

Besides posing personal health risks, the outbreak may have turned your entire business upside down. During the recommended self-isolation period, take time to consider your options and rethink strategies. Here are 50 ways that artists in business can use this downtime constructively:

Get into the Studio

1. Make art (your most important job!)

2. Clean and organize your studio.

3. Prepare materials and supplies to be used during the artmaking process. Take steps like mixing glazes, gessoing canvases, or sorting collage materials.

4. Rethink your space to set up a more efficient workflow. Or, rearrange your studio to create a display area for studio visits and sales.

5. Inventory artwork that is on hand and make record of everything that is out of your studio for any reason. Artwork Archive is a good online tool for this use.

6. Check your stock of materials and supplies. List what you need, and place orders. If you want to buy in bulk, you may want to connect online with other artists who are willing to go in on a volume order with you.

7. Do you work in a group studio setting? Meet virtually to discuss how to continue to market and promote all artists despite a building closure, and ways to be supportive of artists who are ill.

8. Place a guest book in your space to gather names, email addresses and other contact information of studio visitors.

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