Rosie Jones from Brunswick Heads is a master artist with pastels. 

"My greatest pleasure is to create beautiful works of art in my studio in the back garden of our house in Brunswick Heads, Australia.

My memories of the first painting I ever did are very strong. I was sitting on the balcony of a beautiful apartment on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, overlooking a lush rainforest and the vibrant greens of the fairways of a golf course. My father was bringing me glasses of fresh water and tasty snacks whenever I requested and I painted for three hours without pause.

It sounds blissful and romantic but the truth was far removed. I was thirty-seven years old, my fourth baby had been born four months previously and I was in the depths of a raging, devastating psychosis. My mental state was severely altered and I was painting in an attempt to quell the torrent of bizarre thoughts that were occupying my mind.

The concept for the painting emerged easily and flowed effortlessly onto the paper. I didn’t know how to paint other then the rudimentary lessons gleaned from childhood and the paint-set I was using was a basic watercolour one, a fact I only discovered a year later when I happened to actually read the labels on the tubes."
- Rosie Jones

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