On this episode of Colour In Your Life, Graeme visited a very talented sculptor and wood carver by the name of Garth Lena. This episodes shows the stages that Garth uses to create an echidna from raw tree material.

"My ancestry is both aboriginal and South Sea Islander. My art reflects my origins but is not restricted by it. I am interested in modern interpretations rather than traditional forms.

My artwork is a way I see of keeping in touch with my land. I work from old stories and try to bring them into today's times."
- Garth Lena

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Published in Season 3

Enjoy an exciting and colourful journey into the inner beauty of semi-precious gemstones. Wow your senses with the myriad of colours, shapes and patterns within each individual gemstone.

View the actual rocks that are photographed, in Rock On's personal gemstone collection, beautiful specimens from Australia and around the world. Make a day of it by visiting the world renowned Natural Bridge in the Numinbah Valley in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland, Rock on Gemstone Gallery is opposite the turn off to the Natural Bridge National Park, famous for its beautiful walks and glow worms.

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Published in Season 2

Watch as Graeme goes through the processes Frank Miles uses to create his beautiful bronze sculptures.

Frank Miles is a unique Australian artist specializing in Bronze Sculpture. Frank's work has been exhibited in over 60 solo and group exhibitions and numerous sculpture competitions around the world.

Since 1985 he has been commissioned to complete public bronze works internationally, and most recently completed commissions for the Gold Coast City Council and Ballina Shire Council on the east coast of Australia.

Frank's formal studies in Zoology and Botany have given him the skills to produce strikingly life-like sculptures, but he is equally adept at modern and abstracted styles. Frank's works are produced in limited editions after which the moulds are destroyed, making each artwork truly unique and special.

His work is now cast by the prestigious Perides Bronze Art Foundry in Brisbane, Australia but each piece is finished by Frank personally in his own distinctive style and patination.

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Published in Season 1